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  • Product name: MPV65 seri...
  • Part number: MPV65-2C
    • Table Size(mm): 65x65
    • Travel(mm): ±12.5
    • Read Resolution(mm): 0.01
    • Straightness(mm): 0.003
    • Sensitivity(mm): 0.002-0.003
    • Load(kgf): 15
    • Weight(kg): 0.69


  1. The 65mm size satage is tailored for the company's research users ,it can be directly fixed on the standard optical Table.high-precision、High Rigidity&High load bearing ,with Locking

  2. Driven Type :Center(L)

  3. Material: Aluminum

  4. Could be replaced to WGP-13 Differential micrometer head,thus the Read Resolution could be change to 0.5um

  5. Cooperate with other stages ,we could  make them to multidimensional combination,Up to six axes.

  6. Aaccepts the new products and customizes.

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